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GifGame is a free web app being developed by the Elegance Technology (pvt) Ltd, as a free service.

You can create, play, view or edit a GIF animation via GifGame.com. You can change background colors, font colors. speed of the moving gifs. Secondory main features is you can create Gifs using images on your local computer & texts related with each image. You can add main title, hash tags, rotatins texts too. It's not only a gif maker, but is a gif viewer, gif editor & gif player too. And it is is 100% FREE. You can use it without registration & generate gifs without AD watermarks.

Special appreciation goes out to SL Designers (pvt) Ltd for their support. Lastly, we would also like to ask for your feedbacks to improve "GifGame" application. If you notice any errors or drawbacks, please inform us via an email or via contact us page.

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